Thursday, November 24, 2005

Afghan Killing

The killing of the BRO Officer Maniappan Kutty in Afghanistan is a new warning to india by taliban, in particular by Pakistan.

kutty has been beheaded and his body is thrown in a deserted forest in eastern afganistan.

Experts say that the main reasons behind this killing is the presence of indian officials in baloch border of afganistan. Pakistan believes that india may be training balochistan rebels in afghan soil.

For long, balochistan people have been suppressed by the pakistan army and they were deprived of any development. its obvious from the fact that no developmental activities are taking place in balochistan. The baloch people were in arms uprising against pakistan for past two decade demanding independence from them.

I feel, india can give a befitting reply to pakistan over their kashmir indulgence. If india openly supports baloch rebels, then pakistan will have no other option except to come to our terms.

Let's wait and see whether india succumbs to their threatening or bravely rise against the cruel culprits. Infact, No words can describe their cruelty.

And there is no government support to kutty's family. Neither the collector nor any of the ministers went to his sorrowed home.

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