Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Culture Protectionist....

Today I happened to read the the Kushboo issue which still finds a place in the newspaper. It doesnt seem to calm down.
It appears that the media particularly the Sun Group tries to keep it live as long as it can. The reason behind which, the jackpot program in Jaya TV has been so popular among women.

Coming to the core point, there is no morality in both the supporters and the protestors. The english media, tries to project that the Pre-Marital Sex is not at all wrong. They even found an abbreviation PMS to it. Today, in Indian Express, a set of college student has openly said that PMS is entirely a personal issue and not related to the society. Shows how the morality and the culture awareness among the present youth has come down.

Let me ask some questions:
1. Can those who support this issue can set their children or sister to have PMS?
2. When its not wrong, then what's the special thing that a husband and Wife have among them.
3. As one of a muslim cleric recently asked in a newspaper, what's the difference between animal and human if PMS is an approved one?
4. Dont the youngster find happiness in disciplined living?

Indian history has lot of role model for all type of living. If you say, the man can have any number of wives, krishna & dasaratha are there. If you insist one for one, then u have the Rama. Whatever the culture in this world u want to follow, u name them and our indian history shows you one. But the point here is we have to be assertive in selecting the way of life according to the modern circumstances. Whether you want to be krishna or Rama lies in your mentality.

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