Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Excerpts from Manu Smriti

Some excerpts from the much maligned Manu Smriti:

7: 90, “When a king fights with his foe in battle, he should not strike with weapons which are concealed, barbed, poisoned, or the points of which are blazing with fire.”

7/91—“Let the king not strike on who in flight and fear has climbed around, not an eunuch, nor one who joins the palms of his hands in supplication, nor one who flees with flying hair, nor one who sits down, nor one who says, I am thine,”

7/92—“Nor one who sleeps, nor one who has lost his armour, nor one who is naked, nor one who is disarmed, nor one who looks on without taking part in the fight, nor one who is fighting with another foe”,

7/93—“Nor one whose weapons are broken, who is afflicted with sorrow, who has been grievously wounded, who is terrified, nor one who is running away. He should remember the rule of conduct of an honourable warrior.”

Can anyone tell me whether such a dharma has been followed in any other part of this world. There are numerous instance that these dharma has been a way of our ancient rulers. Its obvious from our great epic Ramayana where Rama would ask Ravana to come the next day.

Of course, the critics will come with an argument on how rama killed Vaali. But they should remember one thing. we might have slipped in our dharma, at some instances. But a dharma like this never existed in other parts of the world.

And ssome history point of view. Ghori invaded india 17 times. In the 17 th war, Prithviraj captured ghori, but later pardoned and released him. In the next war, ghori won and he immediately killed pritviraj. Such is our culture and it has been the reason for our fallout.

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  1. Hi Friend,

    You have learnt this Manu Smiriti well. But i would like to point out that Ghori didnt invade India 17 times. Its Mohammed Ghajini. Rest of the facts are right. Prithviraj left Ghori without killing him and had his death in hands of Ghori then. I think because of showing this kind of generosity even to enemies, Prithviraj eventually lost his life.

    You might be knowing there is a old saying in Tamil. "Pagayaiyum neruppaiyum micham vaikka koodathu" then it will destroy you anyway. I think this is enough.