Monday, November 28, 2005

Manjunath's Murder

Manjunath, an MBA graduate from IIM has been brutally murdered in Bihar for bringing out the frauds and irregularities in IOC dealers. It shows that those who aspire to be IAS or aspire for any government job, need lot of guts, should be brave enough to face these type of rogue people within our country.
It is surprising, that the government has completely neglected this case. They showed no signs of sympathy for him or his family. I pity on his father, who would struggle for the justice in the coming days.
Only some of the newspapers like Indian Express took this case strongly. Otherwise, this would not have known to us.

Yet we all are speaking of development, super power, etc etc.. Is it destined on us that we should suffer from all these things. What are the youths doing in this country? Probably, they have no time to enjoy their own life. Why should they care about these??? Are they fools like this Manjunath??

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